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2019/2020 SEASON

Find yourself onstage...

The Highlander Theatre Company's 2019/20 season featured two live productions and one virtual showcase that celebrated the creativity, spirit, and diversity of the Somerville High School community. 

This year's season explored identities onstage. From the students who found their voice through performance and design, to audiences who see themselves represented on stage in new ways. 

Just as Broadway was forced to turn off its lights due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, so to did the students and teaching artists of HTC, who were just gearing up for our production of As You Like It when the world shut down. Although that production was unable to see an audience, the memories and wonderful collaborations born out of that process will forever remain a cherished part of the 2019/2020 season.


November 21 at 7pm

November 22 at 7pm

November 23 at 2pm

November 23 at 7pm

"Measure your life in love"


Public Performance:

February 7 at 7pm

MA Thespians One-Act Festival

February 8, 2020

Like It Logo_Final.jpg

a co-presentation with

Fringe 2020.png

a VIRTUAL evening of poetry, dance, song, and theatre intended to push boundaries and rethink what we know about the performing arts and the world around us

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