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The Highlander Theatre Company is committed to providing every Somerville High School student the opportunity to participate in a live theatre experience, whether onstage, backstage, or in the audience. Ticket revenue and individual contributions make up nearly 100% of the HTC operating budget each year. These are the funds that pay for:

  • Production Expenses, like Costumes, Scenery, Props, and Sound Rentals

  • Guest Artists and Speakers

  • Field Trips and Festival Attendance

  • Inductions Fees and Dues to the International Thespians Society (at no cost to our student Thespians!)

  • Snacks and Meals during Tech Week rehearsals and performances

  • Weekend & Evening Permits for our Build Days and Performances

  • And more!

HTC is committed to removing cost as a barrier to theatre participation for everyone. For this reason, we have moved to a Pay-What-You-Can ticket model. The best way to support HTC is by purchasing a ticket to our productions and inviting your friends and family to do the same.

If you're looking for other ways to support HTC, you may consider purchasing a program ad or making a direct donation. More information about these support opportunities will be posted to this page soon!

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